Hamley Studio is based in Mt Kuring-Gai and offers classes in painting and drawing for students at all levels of experience. We are classically trained artists, which informs our approach to teaching, but we do so with flexibility such that students are able to explore their own interests at their own pace.

It is the philosophy of the studio that what we are really doing when learning to paint/draw is learning to see. We aim to understand the object we are looking at to such a degree that when we paint it, our picture doesn’t just look like that object, but gives a sense that we could reach out and touch it, or that we could step into the picture and walk around in it. There are many lessons that go into becoming confident with your drawing and painting, and it is the aim of Hamley Studio to address all of those lessons with their due seriousness, but in an environment that is fun and supportive.

All of our training is individually tailored to the needs of each student, and we keep class sizes limited to ensure the quality of our teaching. We work entirely from life in our classes, and address all aspects of the process – from the fundamentals of drawing through to complex concepts of light and colour – with reference to master works from throughout history.

Studio And Facilities

The studio is a large unit in the Mt Kuring-Gai industrial area. There is plenty of free street parking and we are able to arrange pickups from the local train station at designated times for anyone coming via public transport.

There is a local café just around the corner, and the studio has a fridge, kettle, microwave and sandwich press if you are bringing your own lunch. We also provide tea and coffee.