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Flower Painting in Oils (Alla Prima) - Sandra Rose Brand

Flower Painting in Oils (Alla Prima) - Sandra Rose Brand

July 28, 2024 (1 day)
10am to 4:15pm


Join master of alla prima flower painting Sandra Rose Brand as she takes you through her process of building a soft but striking floral painting from life. Participants will each create an oil painting of real flowers from start to finish, with both individual guidance and demonstration from Sandra. 


Sandra has studied extensively in traditional art schools in Australia and overseas, including the Academy of Fine Art Germany and the Jerusalem Studio School.


This workshop is for anyone who is interested in uncovering the magic of flower painting - all levels of experience are welcome!


Concepts covered in this workshop:

  • Blocking in

  • Composition

  • Proportions, shapes

  • Noticing subtleties in flowers

  • Brushes

  • Colours

  • Mixing

  • Flower brushwork

  • Lots of fun! :)


    Brushes :

    We recommend bringing brushes in a range of shapes and sizes. We tend to use primarily hog-hair filbert brushes. We also recommend bringing a few softer brushes for softening edges. It is also useful to have a few flat brushes, as well as some small round brushes for details. A soft fan brush can also be useful for softening edges.

    * Brushes must be in good condition. In terms of brands, we like Isabey, Rosemary & Co., Robert Simmons Signet, Escoda or Da Vinci. (Some of these brands will only be available online).

    • Board/canvas
      • A canvas that is roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper is a good size for this workshop.
      • Sandra works straight onto a white canvas, so no need to tone your canvas.
    • Palette Knife – Metal, not plastic
    • Wooden Palette (the studio is also able to supply palettes for use during class)
    • Paper towel
    • Rags (old T-shirts etc. are good)


    • White (e.g. Titanium White)
    • A bright yellow (e.g. Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow)
    • Yellow Ochre
    • A bright red (e.g. Cadmium Red or Vermillion)
    • Alizarin Crimson or Alizarin Claret
    • Transparent Red Oxide (and/or Burnt Sienna, Venetian Red or similar earth red colour)
    • Raw Umber
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Ivory Black

    *Please buy artist-quality paints, as cheap student-quality paints will only make oil painting harder to learn. Please do not buy oil paint sets, each of the colours above is chosen specifically.

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