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Thursday Evenings (Sketch Club, 5 sessions)

Thursday Evenings (Sketch Club, 5 sessions)



5 sessions voucher*

6pm to 9pm

BYO Materials

Our Thursday evening life drawing  and painting sessions are hosted by Sandra Brand and feature life models in poses of varying lengths. Each evening begins with an hour of short poses ranging from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. The model will then hold a long pose for the remainder of the class. Each life model will be booked for two weeks, and will resume the same long pose in their second week, allowing particpants to take a drawing or painting to a more finished state over four hours all up. This means there will be five long poses over the ten week term.


It's a relaxed atmosphere and the sketch club is self-guided, so you're welcome to work in any medium you like.


To book in, simply click Add To Cart and then checkout!


* The five sessions included can be used for any of the weeks during this term. It is greatly appreciated if you are able to let us know in advance which sessions you will be coming to. The five sessions are to be used within the term that they were booked - if you would like to push some of your sessions into another term, please contact the studio. Thanks!

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